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We the team, we the family, we are announcing, one of our member was abused by mouryas server so to take revenge we hacked there server 3 times and entered as owner, they are really bad people's they said theywill have 4vs4 and they got 532 members in their server but still the can't fight with the YSBIANS and the result you know YSB wins that 4vs4.This is a very big announcement for our server and I wish you all are happy and stay blessed.

Special thanks to: Sⱥnℽam ,Gautam, Yuvraj and Arjun 



  • your welcome and the score was 4-0 it was a clean sweep💪

  • It was a piece of cake for us they were trash talking to us that ysb does not stand a chance against them so we asked them for a 4 v 4 and take their best 4 players to fight they agreed

    But we the team was also ready to face em

    The match was declared at 9.00 pm . At first their team didnt show up on time then we gave them a chance and waited 20 min then only 3 player showed up and they said its ok we'll do 4 v 3 then the match started i made the game plan and the team followed it flawlessly and the result is here in front uh all we won by 4-0 a perfect win flawless win by our team amd we did this for our family and for our pride and we hope uh all guys are proud of us

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